11+ Best Gifts for the 40-something guy that has everything

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Buying for guys is tough. I get it. Finding the best gifts for the 40-something that already has everything is even tougher.

Don’t know what to get that 30-something that has everything? Well, read our eloquently titled 11 Best Gifts for the 40-something guy that has everything Gift Guide!

Why should you trust us in this gift guide for 40-somethings that already have everything?

Well, for starters, I am one of those 40-something guys that has everything. So, I thought I’d put together the best 11 Gifts for the 40-something guy that has everything (and some stuff they’ve probably never heard of before). These are some of the newest products that we’ve personally tested and make a great gift for any dude on your list- no matter how hard they are to shop for!

We’ve personally tried every single product you see below and recommend them – because we personally use them almost every single day! Also, be sure to check out our best Work from Home Gifts and the Best Gifts for the Woman That Already Has Everything.

Mizzen + Main Shirts – A Must Have

Mizzen + Main: Awesome dress shirts!

What dude likes to iron shirts and take them to the dry cleaner? Let me answer that for you: NONE! If you think the 30-something guy in your life could wear some more dress shirts, then check out Mizzen + Main. Their dress shirts are simply incredible. They feel like Under Armour on you, but they look like an expensive dress shirt. You simply can’t have too many of these dress shirts. Read our full Mizzen + Main Review.

Tips: Trim is VERY trim and Mizzen + Main runs a bit small. I’m typically a size medium in almost every clothing brand. I wear Small Standard or Medium Trim in Mizzen + Main Shirts.

Be sure to check out Mizzen + Main Flannels

Another favorite, Mizzen + Main Flannels are a must-have for any guy who values comfort.

Tip: pair with some Wolf & Shepherd Shoes (read our full Wolf and Shepherd Review).

Tovala Oven – Feel like a Chef, without the work

The Tovala Smart Oven!

Isn’t the way to a man’s heart his stomach? Every guy wants to eat healthier, but it’s tough. The Tovala Smart Oven is a perfect way to help them eat healthier AND save time. Read our Tovala Smart Oven Review.

The best smart oven + meal service
Tovala Smart Oven

An incredible smart oven, paired with a delivery meal service. Curated meals from chefs + a foolproof oven = an incredible product.

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The Tovala Smart Oven, a novel kitchen gadget, is reshaping home cooking with its blend of convenience and technology. This smart oven operates by scanning the barcode on Tovala meals or other compatible food products, automating the cooking process to perfection with minimal effort​​. Ideal for busy individuals, it simplifies meal prep and cleanup, requiring less than a minute for each​​​​.

Tovala offers two models: the base Smart Oven, priced around $49 with a meal plan, features a two-speed convection fan for air frying, but lacks a steam function​​​​. The higher-end Smart Oven Pro, at approximately $99 with a meal plan, includes a dedicated steam function, enhancing the cooking of delicate dishes and reheating food while retaining moisture and flavor​​.

The oven’s versatility extends beyond Tovala Meals. It can steam, bake, air fry, broil, toast, and reheat food, handling a variety of cooking tasks with ease​​. The accompanying Tovala app offers further convenience, allowing users to monitor cooking progress and access recipes​​.

Tovala’s meal service starts at $9.99 per serving, generally falling between $13-$20 per meal, depending on the ingredients. This service emphasizes convenience and quality, with meals that are ready in under 30 minutes​​. The oven’s setup is straightforward, requiring just a few minutes to connect to Wi-Fi and fill the water reservoir​​.

In summary, the Tovala Smart Oven is an excellent gift for 40-something guys who appreciate good food but have limited time for cooking and cleaning. Its blend of modern technology, ease of use, and meal service compatibility makes it a standout choice for simplifying meal times.

It’s a win-win. Read our full Tovala Smart oven Review and Tovala Air Fryer vs. Ninja Air Fryer to learn more.

Pura Smart Diffuser

The Pura Smart Diffuser – who knew they needed this in their life?

Who doesn’t like their place to smell good? Try out Pura – the smart diffuser that allows you to have scents you’ve heard of (like Capri Blue Volcano!) switch between two available slots. There are even fun seasonal scents, too. It’s a great deal at only $44 and you can use promo code WETRIEDIT to save an additional 15% with this link, and shop the best Pura Promo Code, too.

Tips: You must get the Capri Blue Volcano Scent. We also like the Capri Blue Havana Vanilla scent. Mixing up a sweet scent and citrus scent allows you to smell it better.

Still on the fence? Read our honest Pura Diffuser Revie or our Aera Mini Diffuser Review.

Bonus: Pura Car

The Pura Car diffuser, initially not a favorite, has since won acclaim, especially after the introduction of popular name-brand scents like Capri Blue Volcano and Fraiser Fir. Read our Pura Car Review.

Wasn't for us... until they added name-brand scents
Pura Car

We love Pura, and the Pura Car is no exception. They fixed our biggest complaint by adding name-brand scents like Capri Blue Volcano and Fraiser Fir.

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Compact and sleek, this smart device is designed to fit snugly in a car’s cup holder, roughly the size of 2-3 hockey pucks stacked.

While it doesn’t have the same scent-switching capability as its Smart Diffuser counterpart, only diffusing one scent at a time, the Pura Car compensates with its exclusive range of well-known, high-quality fragrances. An innovative feature is the built-in accelerometer, ensuring the diffuser only operates when the car is moving. This thoughtful combination of well-loved scents and smart, space-saving design makes the Pura Car a unique and luxurious addition to any vehicle​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Also, check out the best Pura Scents.

Drift Car Scents – $8/month

While we’re on the topic of smells. How about something to make their ride smell extra good? This simple scent subscription from Drift is the perfect gift for the car-lover in your life. If they like to keep their car clean, they’ll love this! Read our full Drift Review and get our Drift Promo Code.

Dohm Sound Machine

If you’re working from home, this white noise machine is a must! We’ve got 4 in our home – one in the office and 1 in each bedroom. The Dohm Sound Machine is a winner because it is a manual sound machine – no digitally recorded sounds. As someone who has NO PROBLEM with digital everything, digital sound machines always sound like a loop. The Dohm Sound Machine doesn’t at all, because it’s completely mechanical.

Tip: once you get one, you’ll never go back and probably need to buy several more!

LOOK Optic Blue Light Glasses – $75

Cool box, even cooler glasses.

Another must-have item for someone working from home: blue light blocking glasses. These make it easier on your eyes when staring at a screen for a long time. We’ve tried Blue Light Blockers from Target and Zenni Optical, but we love the Blue Light Blockers from LOOK Optic the most.

Tip: Don’t buy a cheaper version of blue-light blocking glasses. Sure, you can get them for about $10, but that’s what we tried first. They distorted our vision and we never wore them. Get Look Optic.

Allbirds Shoes – about $100

Allbirds Wool Runner

We love Allbirds so much! It’s a great gift for anyone on your list. For the most versatile option, go with the Tree Runners. For best ones for lounging around the house, go with the Wool Loungers. There are a ton of options in-between, too. See our Allbirds Review or find out what Allbirds are Best.

Tip: Read our Allbirds Comparison if your confused about wool vs. tree and all the different styles!

Amberjack Shoes

Want to REALLY impress the 30-something that has everything? There’s a good chance they haven’t seen these bad boys: the Amberjack Originals (or the Amberjack Chelsea Boots – read our Amberjack Originals Review, our Amberjack Chelsea Boots Review, and our Amberjack Loafer Review).

Our Top Dress Shoe Pick

While slightly more expensive than Cole Haan Zerogrand, these shoes are much better made and even more comfortable.

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Amberjack Original Shoes stand out in the realm of dress shoes with their harmonious blend of style and comfort. Designed by experts from top brands like Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds, these shoes don’t force you to choose between looking good and feeling comfortable.

They’re crafted from premium full-grain leather with a sheepskin lining, offering unmatched quality at a reasonable price. The unique, vertically integrated production process ensures perfection in every pair. Their proprietary TPU outsole combines athletic flexibility with sturdy support, suitable for all-day wear without fatigue. Amberjack shoes also feature a heat-activated foam that molds to your feet, enhancing comfort and support over time.

Also, check out our Amberjack Tux Shoes Review.

Versatile in style, they pair well with both formal and casual attire, making them an ideal choice for any wardrobe.

Our new favorite boots
Amberjack Chelsea Boots

One of our new favorite shoe brands. Dressy, stylish and filled with technology, but you (the wearer) are the only one that knows it. They are the perfect blend of style, quality and comfort. We love Amberjack Shoes.

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The Perfect Jean

We love The Perfect Jean, as you can read in our full Perfect Jean Review (and don’t miss our Perfect Jean Promo Code!). Why do we love them so much?

  1. They are a great deal – at about $60.
  2. They are SUPER DUPER Stretchy
  3. They look good
  4. They are super comfortable
Our #1 Value Jean Pick
the perfect jean

Stretchy jeans that look great and are incredibly comfortable? Look no further than the perfect jean. These jeans have everything you are looking for - and a lot more, for a lot less. Our only tip.

Overall Style:
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While they aren’t the “dressiest” jeans in our drawer, they are the perfect in-between: not sloppy but not super dressy, either. In other words, you don’t feel bad wearing them when you don’t want to wear your “nice” jeans.

Some High Quality Tees

For dads sporting the celebrated ‘dad bod’, the following shirts are top picks dad bod shirts. each bringing a unique blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

Our #1 Best Value Shirt Brand
Fresh Clean Tees

A great shirt at a great price. Super comfortable and fits incredibly well.

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Fresh Clean Tees, rated as the best value brand, are perfect for dads looking for comfort without breaking the bank. These tees fit wonderfully and come at an attractive price point​​​​.

True Classic Tees provide an affordable option without compromising on style, offering a great balance between price and quality​​. For those seeking something super soft yet reasonably priced, Perk T-Shirts are an excellent choice, though they have some inconsistencies in sizing​​​​​​.

Buck Mason steps up the game with their higher-quality, slightly pricier tees that combine timeless style with a dad-bod-flattering design, perfect for the dad who wants to feel like a movie star​​. Goodlife Tees focus on good style, comfort, and affordability, offering a range of comfortable, stylish tees that are easy on the wallet​​.

Lastly, Robert Barakett Tees stand out with their premium approach to menswear, featuring super soft, sustainable options that look great for any occasion​​.

These brands offer a variety of choices to dress the dad bod with confidence, style, and comfort, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 – $220

So many guys have the Apple AirPods, but not many have the AirPods Pro. These are a HUGE step up from the classic AirPods in both sound quality AND noise cancellation. You can read about how good the AirPods Pro are at noise cancellation.

The AirPods Pro 2nd Generation is an exceptional gift choice for tech-savvy dads. With Transparency mode, they balance external sounds with music, perfect for staying alert in busy environments. They’re also customizable for a comfortable fit and come with a wireless charging case for convenience. The AirPods Pro 2 promises high-quality sound and effortless integration with Apple devices, making them a top-tier audio accessory for everyday use.

Apple MagSafe Wallet – $49

The iPhone 12 can be used with specially-designed wallets!

If your guy has the new iPhone 12, it has magnets on the back. And guess what those magnets can be used for? Specially designed wallets! A pretty cool little addition to the iPhone lineup.

Grip6 Ninja Belt – $34

The Grip6 Ninja Belt!

This is my go-to casual belt, the Grip6 Ninja Web Belt. It goes great with Jeans and the best part – it is completely adjustable! Perfect for the Christmas weight fluxuations, it has little “teeth” that grip the belt and you can adjust it to be the perfect post-Thanksgiving Dinner size.

Anker 20w Charger – $20

File this under luxuries you didn’t know you needed, but now don’t know how you live without. This little Anker charger will charge your device (it doesn’t have to be an iPhone) super fast! Not all electronics are worth the extra price, but don’t mess with cheap-o chargers.

Bonus Gift Ideas for the 40-something Dude

Just in case none of those wet your whistle, here are a couple more great ideas to buy the guy that has everything:

Bonus gift idea: read our cirkul water bottle review.

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