Best Hoodie Review: What’s the best hoodie?

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Best Hoodie Review: who makes the best hoodie. We compare Buck Mason vs. Mack Weldon vs. Marine Layer and much, much more!

What makes the best hoodie? We review top brands.

In Colorado – I wear a hoodie all the time. Why? They can be warm, soft, and comfortable. The problem is, there are a billion different types of hoodies. What’s the best? What’s the best for the money? We’ve got the full round-up of the best hoodies we’ve tried.

Best Hoodie Review: 7 Things We’re Looking For

There are a ton of types of hoodies, from lightweight to heavyweight from soft to stiff. You’ll see we have several “best” below. However, the main things we were looking for in the best hoodie are:

  1. Soft. Hoodies must be soft and cozy.
  2. Warm, but not too warm. We want the hoodies to be warm but not toasty.
  3. Easy to care for. No one wants to have to dry-clean a hoodie.
  4. Zipper Pockets: Seriously, who wants to wear a hoodie without a zipper? That’s the whole point, right?
  5. Pockets: I love to have pockets in my hoodies, it’s probably half the reason I wear them.
  6. Affordable. $100 is about the maximum we’d spend on a hoodie.
  7. No logos. We really don’t like wearing giant logos on our clothes.

Best Hoodie for the Money: Fresh Clean Tees Hoodie

This is our favorite hoodie for the money. The Fresh Clean Tee Hoodie retails for only $48, but you can save even more by using our Fresh Clean Tee Promo Code and our Fresh Clean Tee Review.

Fresh Clean Tee Hoodie Mini-Review

You can read our full Fresh Clean Tee Hoodie Review but quickly, here are the highlights:

What we love the most about this hoodie: It’s soft and it’s very affordable.

What we don’t love about this hoodie: It’s a little on the lighter side.

Warmth: 6/10

Softness: 8/10

Material: 80% cotton/20% polyester

Best Hoodie – Our Go-To, Best Value: Mack Weldon Hoodie

As you’ve seen in our full Mack Weldon Review, we really love the Mack Weldon Hoodie. It’s super soft and a great weight. It retails for $88.

Mack Weldon Hoodie Mini-Review

The Mack Weldon Ace Hoodie is a great overall hoodie. It’s our go-to hoodie that we probably wear the most.

What we love the most about this hoodie:The perfect balance in weight, price and super soft.

What we don’t love about this hoodie: It’s a little on the expensive side, but we also don’t like the random logo on back.

Warmth: 7.5/10

Softness: 8/10

Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Stretch – It’s a French Terry Cotton, which is extra soft.

Best Hoodie Runner-Up: Myles Everyday Hoodie

Meet the Myles Everyday Hoodie (see their shorts, the Everyday Shorts in our full Myles Shorts Review) This is a runner-up for two main reasons: one the price – retailing at just under $100 ($98) and I have a previous version of this hoodie. The fit is a little snug, which looks like they’ve fixed with this version of the hoodie.

Warmth: 7.5/10

Softness: 8.5/10

Material: 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane – Water-Repellent Storm Cotton

Overall this is a great hoodie, too. We really like this – and almost everything that Myles creates.

Best Hoodie: The softest in the world – Marine Layer Signature Hoodie

The Marine Layer Signature Hoodie

The Marine Layer Signature Hoodie is, by far, the softest hoodie in our closet. It’s also the most expensive at $120 retail.

Marine Layer Signature Hoodie Mini-Review

You can read our full Marine Layer Men’s Review, but this is the softest hoodie, by far.

What we love the most about this hoodie:Did we mention that it’s soft? Yes, it’s the softest hoodie we’ve ever felt.

What we don’t love about this hoodie: It’s super expensive. In all honesty, we were provided this hoodie for free for our review, I doubt that we’d pay $120 for this hoodie.

Warmth: 7/10

Softness: 10/10

Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Poly

Best Hoodie: The warmest hoodie we own – Buck Mason

Best Hoodie - The warmest hoodie we own

As we mentioned in our Buck Mason Review, we really like the Buck Mason Hoodie.

They don’t make the exact Hoodie that we have, but they have one that is very similar.

Buck Mason Hoodie Mini-Review

This is the warmest hoodie that we own. It’s slightly thicker than the other hoodies we own but still fairly soft. Buck Mason’s products are incredibly high-quality and their price reflects it – this hoodie is $95.

What we love the most about this hoodie:It’s slightly thicker than the others. This makes it warmer

What we don’t love about this hoodie:It doesn’t stay as clean as the others, simply because it’s 100% cotton. Dog hair and “fuzzys” get caught on it frequently.

Warmth: 9/10

Softness: 6.5/10

Material: 100% French Terry Cotton

Other Hoodies We Tried, but did not like

We’ve tried a ton of hoodies in our day. And there are, of course, ones that we didn’t like.

Flint and Tinder 10-year Hoodie

We tried the Flint + Tinder 10-year Hoodie several years ago and didn’t care for it. It was simply too heavyweight overall and not as soft. We did like that it came with a 10-year guarantee. But we would still probably prefer the Mack Weldon Hoodie over the 10-year Hoodie. The 10-year hoodie retails for $108

Best Hoodie Review: Final Thoughts

We’ll keep updating this page as we try new hoodies to bring you the best. Do you have have any questions about our Best Hoodie Roundup? Please let us know in the comments below!

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