Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 1

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes

You may have seen the Buck Mason brand for the first time on Shark Tank like we did, or maybe you’ve seen their online ads. But is the Buck Mason brand any good? Read on for our honest Buck Mason review. We’ve tried Buck Mason’s shirts, pants and a lot more!

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Buck Mason Review: Good today – better tomorrow. Is it true? Keep Reading…
👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– Some of the highest quality clothes we’ve ever tried.
– American Made
– Simple staples.
– Everything can be mixed and matched.
– Easy to care for, long lasting.
– Our favorite t-shirt!
– Not as “high performance” as some other brands.
– Don’t care for some of the faded colors.

Buck Mason Review: what is this clothing brand all about?

Buck Mason is a men’s clothing brand that offers high-quality staples, made in the United States of America. They say their clothes are “Timeless goods that stand the test of time.”

You won’t find any trendy items at Buck Mason, just classics that stand the test of fashion (which “fashion” could be synonymous with time). Clothes like Oxford button-ups, solid jeans, and time-tested crew neck t-shirts.

All of their clothes simply “go” together. You’ll be hard-pressed to find clothes that you couldn’t mix and match. The colors are almost all complementary. But that’s kind of the point: no-nonsense clothes that last and make you look good.

You won’t find any loud colors or crazy patterns, just clothes that stand the test of time: from durability and trends.

Buck Mason started out online but now has 9 stores and pickup locations – all in either California or New York.

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 2
Sadly, I haven’t been able to go to a store in real life yet!

They gained notoriety when they appeared on Shark Tank and didn’t take the offer on the show. Since then, they’ve been featured in countless magazines and articles about how they are really trying to take a different approach to men’s clothing (Tom Brady even wore a Buck Mason shirt in GQ).

Buck Mason Review: what have we tried?

We’ve tested almost everything that Buck Mason has to offer: from their T-shirts to their pants. To be honest, you really can’t go wrong with any of the items they have to offer. But you need to know a couple of things first.

Sure, we like some of their clothes more than others, but it would be hard to find another clothing brand more consistent (in terms of quality and styling) than Buck Mason. In fact, I’d go as far to say, “If your closet could only be made from one brand: I’d make it Buck Mason.”

I say that for a couple of reasons:

  1. Buck Mason clothes are extremely well made.
  2. They fit very well.
  3. The clothes mix and match very well.
  4. The style is timeless.
  5. Buck Mason offers a bit of everything.

Let’s dive deeper into the clothes we’ve tried in our Buck Mason Review.

Buck Mason: what Buck Mason is NOT

Before we dive deeper into the best products that Buck Mason has to offer, I think it’s important to talk about what Buck Mason is NOT. Buck Mason is not the most high-tech version of everything. It’s not like Mizzen + Main (read our Mizzen + Main Review) or Duer or Olivers. Buck Mason clothes are NOT super high performance but they are still incredibly reliable. They have some performance features – some of their pants have 2% Spandex in them, but that’s nothing compared to the 30%+ synthetic materials in jeans like Duers, as an example.

Think about your Dad’s reliable pocket watch vs. an Apple Watch. Buck Mason is your dad’s reliable pocket watch (with a few upgrades), not the Apple Watch that had a new model every year.

Buck Mason Review: what are the best products?

Tri-Blend Tees – $25

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 3
Our Favorite Item: The Buck Mason Tri-Blend Tees!

If you were to only buy 1 Buck Mason item, it would have to be the Vintage Tri-Blend Curved Hem Tee. It’s incredibly comfortable, the perfect weight (not too thick, not too thin) and very durable.

I’ve got over 10 in my closet that I’ve collected over the past 4 years and had zero problems with them. They are very well made.

Their other t-shirts are easy picks, too. The slub tees are a winner, but the solid colors are harder to keep clean. The Tri-blend tees (I’ve got them in regular, long sleeve and Henley’s) have the perfect amount of stretch and just enough variation in color to hide anything that may show up.

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 4
Buck Mason Review: A Close-up of the Slub

What is Slub? – Good Question! Here’s what Buck Mason says:
A Slub is a build-up of cotton along with the fabric, resulting in the tiny horizontal stripes that you will notice throughout our slub fabric. There’s a nice texture when it comes to slub fabrics that you can really feel. The thickness and loosely knitted nature of slub tee subtly varies throughout the shirt, allowing it to really drape over your body when you put it on.

Buck Mason claims that their shirts will “keep their shape forever,” – I’ve worn this shirt with a toddler tugging on the collar and still had zero problems.

Read our full Buck Mason T-Shirt Review.

Buck Mason Chambray Button Ups – $105

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 5
Chambray Button Up: The Buck Mason shirt is awesome!

I also really love their denim (sorry, I should call them what they really are “Chambray” if you want to be fancy) button-up shirts. They are a perfect weight and incredibly high quality.

I also own a military shirt, which I really like. However, they no longer sell online.

I’m also a huge fan of their solid black hoodie. This one is a staple during the Colorado Winters, but I wish they offered a tri-blend version of this hoodie, simply because the all-black surface (and 100% cotton) captures hair and “gunk” too easily. It also doesn’t help that we have a black AND white dog. He doesn’t shed, but his hair still ends up on me. See more in our best hoodie review.

Buck Mason review: what we didn’t care for

As you’ve seen in our reviews, we get the chance to try a lot of different products. It’s not even fair to say there are Buck Mason items we do not like. There are simply some items made by other companies we happen to like more.

Buck Mason Jeans (About $150) and Pants

We’ve tried several pairs of Buck Mason Jeans and pants. First of all, they look awesome and very well made. They were incredibly high quality but they didn’t offer the stretch and comfort many new brands (like Duer) offer.

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 6
Buck Mason Jean Review: Great, but not as stretchy as other brands.

For comparison, Buck Mason Jeans only had 2% spandex. Jeans like Duer have 30%+ synthetic materials, while Buck Mason Jeans are 98% Cotton. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, in fact, Buck Mason jeans will probably last longer – we just prefer something with a bit more stretch.

Our two favorite pairs of jeans right now are the perfect jean (read our the perfect jean review) and Duer (read our Duer Review)

Buck Mason Button Ups – The Perfect Oxford – $95

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 7
Buck Mason’s “Perfect” Oxford

As we’ve talked about a lot, we really love Mizzen + Main’s button up dress shirts. There is nothing wrong with Buck Mason’s button ups, however, they don’t have the technical properties of Mizzen + Main. The fact that you can wash Mizzen + Main clothes in the washer, hang dry and not iron is a game changer. Buck Mason’s button-ups have to be ironed or worn slightly wrinkly.

Also, another thing to consider: their white Perfect Oxford, which I tried, was slightly see through and needed an undershirt.

Once again, think about this as your dad’s pocket watch vs. the Apple Watch. Two very different items and they both have their place.

Buck Mason Polos – $55

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 8

Nothing wrong with the Buck Mason Polos, but we weren’t a huge fan of the faded look. If you like that faded look, give them a shot! The Buck Mason Polos definitely felt more like a cotton t-shirt, which is a good thing!

Buck Mason Quality

As mentioned, we own a lot of Buck Mason items and we’ve only had one small problem with quality. I actually got a long-sleeve shirt as a gift but didn’t wear it (because it was warm and I couldn’t wear them to work). After washing it a couple of times, the stitching on the label came off. It wasn’t a big deal:

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 9

Even though it was over a year after I got the item, I reached out to Buck Mason and they quickly offered a replacement for free – That’s great customer service and a commitment to quality!

Officially, Buck Mason takes returns for 365 days on unworn items. However, as I mentioned, if something’s wrong, they go out of their way to make it right.

Buck Mason Review: The final verdict

Buck Mason Review: 4 Years Later and a Closet Full of Quality Clothes 10
We happily give Buck Mason our We Tried It Seal of Approval!

You simply can’t go wrong with Buck Mason. It almost feels unfair to say that we didn’t like their products, but that’s not even true: we simply liked other products a little more for different reasons.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, good-looking, long-lasting, American-made clothing brand – look no further than Buck Mason. You won’t be disappointed!

Do you have any questions about our Buck Mason Brand Review? Let us know in the comments below! Also, is there something else we should add to our Buck Mason Review? Let us know that, too!


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  6. I’ve read your entire review and was happy to know that you really appreciated this brand. I’ve only purchased about a half dozen t shirts and have washed them numerous times with the shape holding up incredibly well. You gave it a perfect discrimination. Quite frankly, it’s my kind of style. Great job!!!

    1. My sincere apologies for not leaving out the word discrimination. Clearly a mistake and apologize for not closely monitoring my typing. Texting is not my forte as you can see. If possible please do not post this review . I wasn’t able to edit it

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