True Classic Tees Review: Don’t buy before checking out our review

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Are True Classic Tees any good? It turns out, yes!

True Classic Tees offer a snug, flattering fit and buttery-soft comfort, quickly elevating them from a mere option to a go-to staple in your wardrobe.

They are well-price and are true the claims they make.

Today we are bringing you our True Classic Tees Review. If you’ve been on any social media site like Facebook, you’ve probably seen a ton of shirts startups advertising and wondered, “Are these shirts any good?”

Well, let’s dive into our full True Classic Tees Review to find out if there is really such a thing as an awesome shirt for less than $20.

True Classic Tees Pros

  • Great Fit and Comfort: True Classic Tees offer a snug, flattering fit and buttery-soft comfort, making them a staple in your wardrobe.
  • Affordable Pricing: The tees are well-priced, offering good quality at an accessible price point.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: True Classic Tees are durable, with minimal shrinkage and the ability to maintain their shape even after multiple washes.
  • American-made: The brand offers American-made products, appealing to those who prioritize locally-made goods.
  • Wide Range of Products: In addition to t-shirts, True Classic Tees offer a variety of other clothing items such as polos, hoodies, and pants, providing a comprehensive selection for customers.
  • Supports a Cause: True Classic Tees is a people-driven brand that supports a cause related to veteran communities and homelessness, contributing to a larger social impact.
  • Variety of Colors and Styles: The brand offers a wide variety of colors and styles, catering to diverse customer preferences.
  • Customer Service and Deals: True Classic Tees provides good customer service and offers deals on shipping, making the purchasing experience more convenient and cost-effective.
  • Value for Money: The brand offers high-quality products at a reasonable price, especially when purchased in packs, providing good value for money.

True Classic Tees Cons

  • Limited Color and Style Options: While True Classic Tees offer a variety of colors and styles, the options may still be perceived as limited compared to other brands in the market.
  • Competition with Other Brands: The brand faces competition from other well-established t-shirt brands such as Buck Mason and Fresh Clean Tees, which may impact its market position.
  • Slight Shrinkage in Dryer: The tees may experience about 5% shrinkage in the dryer, which could be a concern for some customers.
  • Not Attention-grabbing: Some reviewers have mentioned that the tees lack a standout feature, aside from their affordable pricing, which may be a drawback for those seeking unique or standout clothing items.
  • Limited Information on Fit: While the tees are described to have a “happy medium” fit, more detailed sizing information could be beneficial for customers to make informed purchases.
  • Traditionally Only Available on Official Site: True Classic Tees are exclusively available on their official site, limiting the accessibility of the products for those who prefer to shop through other channels. Although, they are opening stores to mee this demand.
Why Trust Us?

When it comes to evaluating men’s style and apparel, I have spent considerable time and effort testing and reviewing various brands, including over 32 different ones since I started thinking about this blog.

This process involves not only wearing these tees, but also subjecting them to multiple rounds of washing to assess their durability and longevity.

This rigorous testing process allows me to provide genuine and thorough insights into the quality and performance of the tees. Your trust in my opinion on True Classic Tees can be founded on my extensive experience in this field, ensuring you receive an honest and reliable assessment of their products.

Not the only t-shirt game in town

Of course, True Classic isn’t the only t-shirt game in town.

In our Buck Mason Tee Review, we dive into the details, but the sort story is, they are our favorite. That doesn’t mean that True Classic is terrible.

We even like Fresh Clean Tees slightly more (for just t-shirts, but more on that in just a second.

Better than True Classic Tees
Fresh Clean Threads

A great shirt at a great price. Super comfortable and fits incredibly well.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Looking for something more “dressy?” See our Robert Barakett Review. Also, check out our True Classic Commuter Review, too.

True Classic Tees Review: What you need to know

T-shirts of every style and color. They offer premium wardrobe essentials without all the flash and all the modern fit. Available only on their site.

Don’t miss our full Fresh Clean Tees vs. True Classic comparisons, too.

It seems like there is a new t-shirt brand around every corner these days. Ranging from stupid expensive to super sloppy looking. But what if you’re just looking for a good value? Meet True Classic Tees.

Now, we’ve had a few people comment on our videos and inquire about the shirt I’m wearing constantly on our YouTube channel.

What t-shirt I’m typically wearing

I’m actually wearing the Buck Mason Vintage Tri-Blend Tee (see our full Buck Mason Review and our Buck Mason T-Shirt Review).I wear it in a lot of videos since it’s simple, easy, and comfortable.

Another Super Soft T-Shirt. This brand also has well-fitting t-shirts and quality basics. Check out our Buck Mason Review

In many reviews, I can be seen wearing the Buck Mason Tri-Blend Tee.

It look good, but it isn’t attention-grabbing. It also has a very high level of quality. So, let’s compare True Classic Tees to the gold standard of t-shirt: Buck Mason. After seeing people ask about True Classic Tees vs. Fresh Clean Tees, I had to try them out for myself.

True Classic Tees Review: What is it?

They say the True Classic Difference is that it’s NOT just a simple t-shirt. The t-shirts are designed as premium tees, that look like classic tees – and still have well-fitting shirts for men at accessible prices.

What is True Classic Tees? They launched in September 2019 and started out with 673 orders the first month. Now they’ve sold over $250m in t-shirts. Pretty incredible!

True Classic Tees is a new-er line of clothing designed for men who want to accentuate their arms and shoulders but still have room in the stomach area for a “dad bod.

The collection includes best-selling packs, crewnecks, v-necks, pockets, henleys, long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, and tall-long bodies. True Classic has since expanded to include joggers, hats, shorts, polos, and bomber jackets, to name a few. So if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable way to show off your proud “dad bod,” True Classic Tees may be the perfect brand for you.

More than just t-shirts: T-Shirts that support a bigger cause

A people-driven brand focused on more than a flattering fit and being extremely comfortable for all body types.

True Classic Tees is a company with a cause that hits close home, literally.

Their Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Bartlett, has a deep family background in military service with grandparents and parents who served in WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf war, and more.

It was a personal and professional passion of his to bring awareness and aid to the veteran community and the ever-rising homelessness issue within it.

Partnering with the Tiny House Project was an easy and obvious choice for True Classic Tees. Since then, they’ve been able to expand their donations to other homeless shelters beyond just the veteran community.

True Classic Tees is a company making a difference in the lives of those who have served our country and we are proud to support them.

We love businesses that give back

We always love businesses that support more than just themselves – they support the community around them. They are kinda like Bombas Socks, which gives a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every set you buy. Read our Full Bombas Review for more information!

Right now, they are donating about 15,425 Shirts… A MONTH!

That’s pretty incredible for a new company. And they are looking to do more!

True Classic Tees Review: What we tried – and loved

The Reviews are in of True Classic – these fit perfectly for all guys bodies. Show laying flat.

We’ve only, honestly, had the chance to try one style of True Classic Tees: The Classic Crew. Here’s our quick review.

True Classic Tees Review: The Classic Crew

The Classic Crew – Great Quality Shirts and fits perfectly in the shoulders through the waist. Pair with a pair of jeans or chinos.

Looking for a classic, comfortable tee that will last? Look no further than the True Classic Tee: Classic Crew.

Made from premium butter-soft fabric, this tee is perfect for everyday wear.

The 60% combed cotton/40% polyester blend will shrink minimally (5%) on a low heat setting in the dryer, and the classic side seam provides the best look and fit.

Plus, the soft tag is screen-printed inside the tee for maximum comfort.

That means there literally is no physical tag. It’s only printed on the back neck of the tee.

Nothing crazy: and that’s a good thing – the 3 Pack and beyond!

This is their classic crew neck shirt. It’s a nice, solid t-shirt. There’s nothing crazy about it and that’s a very good thing.

It’s got a good, nice shape. The photos here show it right out of the box. There isn’t even a small amount of wrinkles.

The same shirt comes in a variety of styles and even packs (like a 3 pack, a 6 pack and a lot more!).

Not our style but a lot of colors are available.

For about $19, this shirt is a really good overall value.

The quality from True Classic is high and others have been just as impressed with the overall quality they offer.

They also offer a long sleeve version of this tee in addition to a V Neck and a lot more.

Polos, Hoodies and Henley: Oh my!

We love their Classic Tees, but we also love the Classic Polos, too.

In fact, The Classic polo shirt surpasses my expectations even after multiple washes. I specifically had concerns regarding the collar losing its shape, but I found that the collar stays intact remarkably well without any need for ironing or steaming.

Much like their exceptional t-shirts, this polo shirt is a true gem that you can effortlessly retrieve from your drawer and wear confidently, time and time again.

True Classic Tees Review: Sizing

We love this feature to find the right size of flattering shirt before you make your purchase on one of these short shirts. They fit great through the chest (even if you have an oddly shaped chest)…not too loose, not too tight for most customers. Oh, and did we mention they offer free shipping, too?

I wear a size medium in just about every single t-shirt and every single polo shirt that I own. I also wear a size medium in True Classic Tees.

They run true to size before washing. Since they aren’t 100% Cotton, I don’t think they will shrink much.

Back of True Classic Crew T-Shirt – pictured with Ministry of Supply Pants, read our full Ministry of Supply Review and Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pants Review, too. Will make you feel great with the perfect fit through the sleeves to stand tall (unlike what I’m doing in the photo) and stick out your chest!

True Classic says they will shrink about 5% in the dryer, but that’s not much.

I also love that True Classic has an awesome fit page that you can see here. It allows you to put in your measurements and suggest the perfect tee!

True Classic Tees: The Materials

More and more tees are made from a blend these days. That’s because the shirts are more comfortable and the shirts don’t shrink as much in wash and allow for more structure in the sleeves, shoulders and arms.

True Classic Tees are made from a 60% combed ringspun cotton/40% polyester jersey blend. The blend is really what makes True Classic Tees’ products great.

How do True Classic Tees hold up compared to 100% cotton shirts?

True Classic Tees are highly durable, thanks to their poly/cotton blend composition. Unlike 100% cotton shirts, they retain their quality and shape even after multiple washes.

While there might be a slight, inconsequential shrinkage on a low heat setting, subjecting them to high heat can cause shrinkage of up to 10-15%. Nevertheless, True Classic Tees remain easy to manage as they can be quickly folded and do not require intense ironing or steaming to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance.

One notable feature of True Classic Tees is their resistance to fading, pilling, and warping. Unlike most ordinary t-shirts, which tend to stretch at the neck after just a few washes, True Classic Tees maintain their shape exceptionally well. This longevity can be attributed to their high polyester content, which serves to preserve the integrity of the shirts’ neckline. In comparison to other shirts that may show signs of wear and tear over time, True Classic Tees have proven to be notably reliable in this aspect.

T-shirt Shrinkage: About 5% in dryer

A poly blend shirt may shrink about 5% in the dryer but if you are worried about that – simply hang dry. True Classic Tees clothing is some of the most comfortable and well-made clothing I’ve ever owned and I highly recommend their products.

grayscale photo of washing machine
It may shrink in the dryer… if you are worried, hang dry after the wash. Also, they have some of the best customer service that provides great service after purchase – quick! They also great deals on shipping – if shipping is a concern of yours. Before you purchase, you may want to check the best offers they have on the site for shipping.

True Classic Tees is definitely not the only T-Shirt Company doing a cotton/polyester blend. Buck Mason shirts are 50% polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% rayon.

Fresh Clean Tees (read our full Fresh Clean Tees Review and get our Fresh Clean Tees Promo Code) also has a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend, too.

Not the only brand expanding their scope

Also, super confusing for both brands is that Fresh Clean Tees is now Fresh Clean Threads.

True Classic’s use of this combination creates a really nice, lightweight and breathable product that I really liked how it feels.

By mixing multiple fabrics together, companies are usually trying to get the best qualities from all of them – in True Classic’s case, the softness of Cotton with the breathability and structure of Polyester. I think they did a great job in achieving this goal!

Another thing we love: the variety

Want a more confident mindset? Get all your clothes in the correct size that fit well! From shirts to polos to pants! They are c=focused on the customer, to make them feel great and make the customer look great, too.

Super soft doesn’t stop with tees and shirts. True Classic offers a lot beyond shirts, now!

This brand is all about creating products with a nice fit, easy to wash, stand the test of time and are well worth the money. That’s for sure!

While we don’t love a lot of color in our wardrobe, it’s always nice to have options. Not only does this brand have a wide variety of colors, but they also have a wide variety of products from polos to underwear to puffer jackets.

No just shirts: even sweet chinos like these! We prefer they are not too loose at all! They also have a bit of stretch, which is perfect. A bit of stretch goes a long way.

True Classic Tees even offers jeans and chinos now.

They listened to every customer: now they offer jeans with a bit if stretch, too for purchase! If you prefer their shirts, you might just love their pants.

Meet the Commuter Line

We got the chance to try some of the new Commuter Line.

In short, we really like them! Check out our full True Classic Commuter Review to find out more information!

Our Favorite Part of True Classic Tees: The Value!

Best T-Shirts for the Money? This brand is pretty darn close. If you see a style you like on their sites, make that purchase right away!

Now it is time for our favorite part of True Classic Tees: the price. You can not beat the price of True Classic for the average customer. They retail for $26.99. Compare that to Buck Mason, which retails for about $30+. Other clothing brands have t-shirts that are $60+ (I’m looking at your, Goodlife!), which is just crazy to me.

But I wouldn’t buy the shirt for $27. You can save even more and get the shirt for a lot less.

Do you want to save even more? You can save even more by ordering your t-shirts in a pack. So, for example:

  • You can get what they call the All-Blues 3-Pack pack for $59.99. That’s just $19.99 a shirt, which is a steal!
  • You can use our True Classic Tees Promo Code and save an additional 20%: that makes it about $15.99 a shirt!
  • That is a fantastic deal on some high-quality shirts.

This is a fantastic method to keep your clothing closet full of great basics and comfy tees if you’re running low on shirts. You won’t have any trouble wearing these clothes out and about or at home.

What others say about True Classic Tees

Feedback on Fit of True Classic Tees

  • Some customers have mentioned that the shirts from True Classic run a little small, particularly in the shoulders, chest, and arms. It is advised to size up if you prefer a looser fit in those areas, but most guys are happy with their regular size. [1]

Feedback on Customer Service of True Classic Tees

  • Customers have mentioned that the customer service of True Classic seems to be excellent. One reviewer shared an experience where True Classic sent them a new tee after one year of wear when they had an issue with one of their shirts. [1]

Rating of True Classic Tees on Trustpilot

  • True Classic has an ‘excellent’ rating with over 500 reviews on Trustpilot. [1]

How do True Classic Tees compare to other t-shirt brands in terms of fit and price?

1. How does the price of True Classic Tees compare to other brands?

True Classic Tees are cheaper than both Fresh Clean Tees (Read our Fresh Clean Tees Review) and Goodlife (read our Goodlife Tees Review), saving customers about $3 dollars per shirt compared to Fresh Clean Tees and about $40 compared to Goodlife Tees.

2. Are there any recommendations based on body type when choosing between True Classic Tees and Fresh Clean Tees?

If you have a bit of a belly (or a Dad bod – see our best Dad Bod Tees), True Classic Tees are recommended because they leave a tiny bit more room in the torso. Otherwise, Fresh Clean Tees are a good choice.

3. How do Goodlife t-shirts compare to True Classic Tees in terms of price and fabric quality?

Goodlife t-shirts are three times more expensive than True Classic Tees, but they offer excellent slub cotton fabrics with an amazing look. Do I think they are worth 3x the price? Not really.

4. What are some other brands that have a similar fit to True Classic Tees?

My other shirts I wear all the time, in addition to True Classic Tees are Fresh Clean Tees (now Fresh Clean Threads), Goodlife and Buck Mason Tees.

Do True Classic Tees fade, pill, or warp after multiple washes?

1. Do True Classic Tees warp after multiple washes?

True Classic Tees don’t warp after multiple washes, they hold their shape really well.

2. Do True Classic Tees pill after multiple washes?

True Classic Tees slightly pill after multiple washes. Most shirts do, but this one isn’t bad. A light fabric shaver does the trick.

3. Do True Classic Tees fade after multiple washes?

I’ve washed my True Classic Tees 10+ times without any fading issues at all. That’s awesome!

True Classic Tees Review: The Final Verdict?

If you are looking for a great t-shirt, check out True Classic Tees.

Their tees aren’t flashy or crazy. They don’t have a “killer feature” (except the price!). They are simply designed for the dad’s body – accentuating the arms and giving you some extra space in the stomach – even if you aren’t as slim as you were before kids.

The fit is great and the quality is awesome. Other Reviews will tell you the same thing and they are 100% true.

If you want a super comfortable shirt you can wear out and about but also wear at home and not feel like you’re wearing an expensive t-shirt you can’t get dirty.

Oh, we almost forgot; how do they hold up to Buck Mason? We think they are pretty comparable! You can’t beat the price of True Classic Tees, especially in a three-pack with our True Classic Promo Code. If Buck Mason is a 9.5/10 – we give True Classic a solid 9! Pretty close!

We’ll also work on a full Fresh Clean Tees vs. True Classic Tees Review very shortly!

Do you have any questions about True Classic Tees? Let us know! You might also be interested in checking out our Perk T-Shirt Review. The Perk Tee is more expensive (at $35 – but we’ve got a Perk Clothing Promo Code, too) – find out if it’s worth the extra price in our honest Perk Shirt Review.


What kind of fit are true classic tees?

This may sound funny, but I’d describe the True Classic Shirts fit as a “happy medium.” Not too slim, not too relaxed – just right. And because we use high-quality fabrics and construction, their tees will hold their shape and size over time. So you can expect a True Classic Tee to fit the same way months (or even years) down the road.

Are true classic tees 100% cotton?

No, but that’s a good thing because the polyester blend really does add a nice touch to it. True Classic Tees are made from a 60% combed ringspun cotton/40% polyester jersey blend. The blend is really what makes True Classic Tees’ products great. 100% Cotton T-Shirts can have all sorts of different issues.

Do true classics shrink?

True Classic Shirts will shrink very minimally, about 5% in the dryer on a low setting. If you are worried about shrinkage, simply hang dry your True Classic Tee. True Classic Tees clothing is some of the most comfortable and well-made clothing I’ve ever owned and I highly recommend their products.

What material are true classic shirts?

True Classic Tees are made from a butter-soft fabric, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. The shirt’s 60% combed cotton/40% polyester blend will only shrink minimally (5%) on a low heat setting in the dryer.

Additionally, True Classic Tees have a classic side seam that provides the best look and fit. Poly blends usually shrink about 5% in the dryer, but if you’re worried about that – simply hang dry. True Classic Tees clothing is some of the most comfortable and well-made clothing I’ve ever owned, and I highly recommend their products.

Where is True Classic Tees based out of?

True Classic Tees is headquartered in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California.

Also, be sure to check out our Twillory Review, our guide to the best dad bod shirts and the best jean brands.

True Classic Tees

True Classic Tees are the newest competitor in the "dadbod" t-shirt wars - joining others like Fresh Clean Tees and many more. We think that True Classic Tees are soft, comfortable and a great value. They also offer more than the normal shirt brand (like sweats, jackets and even jeans), with a brighter color swath than Fresh Clean Tees. You can't be the value of True Classic Tees.

Product Brand: True Classic Tees

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to style
  • Designed for all body types
  • Super soft
  • Lasts a long time
  • Great value


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands
  • Some bright colors
  • Proprietary fabric blends

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